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Protecting your business premises during COVID-19

During these uncertain times, they may be the toughest months you and your business will ever go through. We’ve had to completely change the way we work as well as live, from changing to online only or closing down your businesses entirely.

Criminals have all had to change their patterns too, with crimes like home burglary, shoplifting and pickpocketing dramatically reducing due to lack of opportunities with people being at home and no one in the highstreets or shops. IFSEC Global have reported a surge in break-ins at commercial sites during coronavirus lockdown.

CDS Alarms have a list of things you can do to ease your mind and make your business less appealing to criminals. While checking your premises regularly during lockdown is vital (if it’s safe of course) here are a few other simple steps you can do to help:

  • Check all windows and doors are closed and any items that could be used to gain entry are moved

  • Any items of value are put away and can’t be seen through windows

  • If you have a till, ensure it's on view but with the cash draw open and obviously empty

  • If you have reduced staff working on site ensure they remain in contact

  • Keep a list of keyholders and make sure any spares are away from the building

  • If possible, store any sensitive data regarding staff, customers and suppliers off-site

We've got you covered

With the current situation, as a business owner, you will want reassurance that your alarms and fire systems remain monitored and fully functional. Crime Detection Sytems has the montioring available to ensure round-the-clock monitoring remains in place for you and your businesses safety. As a current customer, you may want to upgrade your current security at your premises - it’s only natural in the current climate, our engineers are on hand to come and upgrade the systems or for new customers, install a new system if your business is still closed or even back up and running.

For more information on our CCTV Systems, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarm Systems, Door Access Systems or 24 Hour Monitoring, contact us now here. In the meantime, keep yourself safe and well.

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