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CDS has wide range of door entry and access systems that are suitable for home and business use.

No matter how big the project, we can ensure the complete security of your property using one of our many controlled systems.

Whether you need a PC controlled system, or a standalone door access system, we can help.


Access can be gained throughout your building using a number of different systems and software features.

We can provide you with a secure, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to control authorised access.


Card access systems and keypad door access systems give you control over who has access to your site.

PC-based access systems allow you to quickly and efficiently change access criteria in a straightforward manner, with or without identity card printers.

With PC-based access control, you can add users, remove users or change users' access permissions from the PC quickly and easily.

Standalone door access systems we install:

  • Card access systems

  • Keypad door access

  • Bio metric readers

  • Token feed access

  • Re-programmable coded doors

  • Independent units


Standalone door access is the easiest method of granting access within a building. If your requirements reach beyond these means, we have advanced options available too.

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